About Us
Our concern for women, youth and families
      We are also committed to offering an array of services designed to have a positive impact on the residents in our communities.
      • Leadership - training for business and professional women preparing them for leadership positions in their careers.
      • Entrepreneurship – entrepreneurial training for women interested in starting a business, improving business skills and/or expanding an existing business by increasing their business expertise.
      • Technology – training for women interested in obtaining or improving technology skills or seeking certification for a technology related business. In addition, our service programs benefit our communities.
      • Service – providing information through programs and initiatives in health, education, employment and economic development that inform, enlighten and strengthen our communities.
      Some areas that we provide volunteer services are:
      • · Adopt-A-Family
      • · Adopt-A-Nursing Home
      • · Adopt-A-School
      • · American Heart Association
      • · Mayor’s Summer Reading Club
      • · Race for the Cure
      • · Ronald McDonald House
      • · Scholarships (local and international)
      • · Union Gospel (feeding the homeless)
      • · Voter registration
        Because access to health care and health care knowledge empowers families; we implement seminars and workshops on various subjects, which will help other community-based organizations of a not-for-profit nature become aware of open resources. 
      • Because home grown philanthropy teaches others how to give; we implement and provide such other charitable activities as the program committee shall see as being consistent with the organization's charitable purpose. 
      • Because our concerns and services are varied, we solicit and receive grants, contributions, and other property, to enter into contracts to engage in needed personnel and services, and to transfer, hold or invest such property as may be necessary to carry on the purpose of the organization. 
      • Because our community has great need, we provide an open resource to the community in general as to those services and skills which will help individuals increase their self image and self awareness. 
      • Because a post secondary education is the key to economic security and advancement to most women and youth, we implement and carry forth a program of scholarships whereby aspiring young students will be encouraged to pursue higher education through grants and donations made as a result of this organization's efforts.