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Butler Masonry

In the early 1960′s, Merlin “Earl” Butler had visions of becoming an entrepreneur and providing a better lifestyle for his family. Through his vision, hard work, and perseverance he worked through ranks to become one of the top masons in the state of Mississippi. Stories about him laying Brick and Block are Legendary.

In 1980 he formed Butler Masonry fulfilling the Vision he dreamed of. Although faced with hardships that are endured by first-generation business owners, Earl instilled in his sons Kevin and Merrick the skills of the trade from the business side to the performance side and also the willingness to stay dedicated, determined, and disciplined in challenging economic conditions. These principles that Earl instilled in the young men have guided them to both personal and business success. In 2006 Kevin and Merrick reincorporated Butler Masonry.

Butler Masonry is grounded in legacy… a legacy that is committed to excellence in a total service masonry company specializing in brick, block, stone, and cast stone construction in both new and restoration projects. They pride themselves on quality craftsmanship and on-time finishes.

Contact Butler Masonry Today:

Phone: 972.636.8053

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A Message from Our Chairman

Don't Check the Box

More so now than ever, Black contractors are financially able and qualified but are sitting on the bench waiting to get called to play in the majors — demand what you are worth. We also are not reaching back to help one of our own to get on the field.
The practice of ”Checking of the Box” for Black Contractors has to be changed. Collectively, we have to demand more and do more.

The GoGiver Fundraiser Campaign needs your support

The Regional Black Contractors Association (RBCA) was birthed from the spirit of advocacy to champion for Black Business and uplift our community.

We wake up and ask God each day, to help us with one goal in mind, helping others so that they can help themselves.  Whether it be meeting with decision-makers, hosting educational webinars, monitoring policy, networking, or helping put ex-offenders to work … We are committed to growing capacity!

When I say “we”, I mean God and You. RBCA can’t do this without God and you. We have a relationship built on Trust.  You trust us to support the mission of the RBCA and enrich lives, and we trust you to help keep that going.

The GoGiver Fundraising Campaign will provide support to sustain the association and continue to provide solutions for the most under-served members of our community.

Please help keep the momentum going by contributing to our GoGivers initiative.

Support the Campaign

"Con-Real is committed to supporting the RBCA in the sustainability of their programing that impacts all parts of our community. This is one of many reasons why I challenge other members who have benefited from the RBCA to reinvest into this organization and give back to this great cause."

Gerald AlleyPresident – Con-Real

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